Introducing The Reiki Healing Portal!

What if there was a place to go where you could
unload your mental and emotional burdens.
manifest your desires.
offer world healing.

I’m beaming with joy as I share with you that a Reiki Healing Portal page has been added to my Website and Facebook.

As major global events have brought about a world-wide call for assistance in healing, this has been in the planning stages of my mind for a while.  After exercising much patience, the Universe has, at last, brought the best professionals to assist me in bringing it forth.  In addition to this, my blog page is now up and running!

My deepest gratitude and thanks to our professionals….

Amber Scott (True U Voice) for her assistance in getting my social media up to date and creating my business pages, Karen Brand (Wings of The Sun), for her designing the Reiki Healing Portal Welcome Page on Facebook and her expertise in expanding my website to showcase my work in a way that I didn’t realize was possible; and to Emily Pollack for her heart-centered creation and ability to capture the true essence of my intentions in the Reiki Healing Portal.

Abundant Wellness, Joy & Peace,

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