Just Keep Moving…..

At last May is here!  This is my most favorite month as I am fully awakening from the winter, embracing the warmer temperatures and longer days, and motivating to be more physically active.  After greeting the day, I amp up (this really means that I’m procrastinating a bit) to hit the road for my morning 4-mile wun.  Wunning is a form of walk-running where, when I’ve run out of steam but understand the importance of putting one foot in front of the other in order to make it up the hill and back home, I do this thing that looks like something in between a shuffle and a mime walking in place.  I would probably travel faster if I laid down and rolled home.

Being outside allows my mind to open up in a most expansive way.  Some people do this during a seated meditation.  I find my stillness in motion.  My mind empties and my thoughts become weightless; no beginning and no end.  It’s as if the boundaries of my physical body have dissolved and nothing is between me and All That Is.  I’m a receptacle for Higher Self and Divine guidance.  This morning as I was wunning, I heard “Just keep moving…”.    So I did.  I was pulled back to present awareness by my neighbor who said “Good Morning”.  When I asked how her husband was doing, she told me that he isn’t moving.  I told her about the message I just received and that maybe the message was for him, too.

I ran a bit further and was joyfully surprised when I came upon a group of 7 yellow & black butterflies who flew up and surrounded me and when they did, the fluffies of a dandelion blew up with them.  I was reminded of when I was a little girl that I would blow on them as I made a wish. I had just received a powerful message through the symbolism of the number 7 (on the right path), the butterflies (transformation) and the dandelion (visualize my desires).   Then I heard again “Just keep moving.”  So I did.  As I headed home, I released the heaviness that I was feeling when I first woke up this morning.   Returning to a place of gratitude for the blessings that surround me and are within me.

Today, take action.  It will always get better if we just keep moving.

Create a very excellent day!

oxoxo, Tracy

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