Messages from the Animal Kingdom

Messages from the Animal Kingdom

By Tracy Houchins

Posted on July 23, 2011 by karen

I love summer and there is nowhere I would rather be than here in Maryland during this time of year!  Everything is so green and lush; I feel nourished from head to toe.  This is the time of year when Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are really present and offering generous guidance to anyone who is awake enough to see, hear and feel the messages.

Last week, while out for my morning jog, I came within 15 feet of a deer, a red tail hawk with a snake in it’s mouth flew directly over my head within just a few yards, and then I almost literally stumbled upon a turtle in my path of running.   I’ve learned over the years that when nature presents itself in bold, unusual and/or repetitive ways, there’s a message for me in there.

Last week I had been feeling a little less vibrant than usual. The Animal Kingdom stepped in to assist me.  Deer offered me a little of the same advice I give my clients about taking care of themselves and reminded me that it’s good to be gentle with myself.   Hawk and snake suggested that I rise above the everyday stuff; that healing can occur by creating a small shift in seeing things from a different perspective.  Turtle brought to my attention that we often need to hear what we teach and that’s why we do.

Life it like a big scavenger hunt.  We are continuously seeking the next best steps along our spiritual journey.  If we move forward with eyes wide open, we become aware of the clear guidance through nature and animals messengers. Does a particular animal show up often for you in day to day life or in your dreams?  Are you paying attention?

So taking the direction of my four-legged and winged messengers, I give myself permission to take a gentle break from the busyness of life and treat myself kindly; see my world through the eyes of another, pray to be open to life’s lessons and always remain teachable.

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