Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki on DogsNothing embodies the essence of unconditional love like an animal. They can be our greatest teachers through their unlimited capacity for forgiveness, acceptance and understanding. For many of us, our pets are considered family members and maintaining their health is as important as with our two-legged loved ones.

Reiki works in cooperation with all other healing modalities, including traditional veterinary medicine, to create harmony and total well-being. It assists the recipient in Reiki on Catsachieving a deep state of relaxation where miracles of healing on all levels take place. Reiki releases energy blockages that over time prevent our animals from living a life of peace and optimal health. It is effective in providing relief to the discomfort of arthritis, digestion issues, anxiety and other issues, as well as assisting them in transitioning from this lifetime. The benefits of Reiki are limitless!

Often times, animals are adopted through a shelter or animal control facility. Unfortunately, many animals, including our pets, have not always experienced a gentle existence due to the affects of previous neglect, abuse or abandonment as a result of being under the ownership of people with inhumane values toward our four-legged and winged friends. All animals deserve the opportunity to return to a place of physical and emotional balance.

Published studies are showing that adoption of animals in shelters and sanctuaries are increasing where the animals are offered Reiki. As they return to a place of inner peace and well-being, their loving personalities resurface and they become more desirable and attractive to those looking for a new pet. This is very exciting news and great validation to the Power of Reiki as it always works for the greatest good of All! Check out this article about Lali the Pitbull.

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Partnering with animals and gaining their trust through Reiki is one of the greatest honors of being a Reiki Practitioner.

Blessings of Peace & Well-Being to you and yours,

Tracy M. Houchins, Reiki Master
Teacher & Practitioner

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