My New Normal

By Tracy M. Houchins
October 4, 2016

Without warning, profound sorrow continues to swoop in. But it doesn’t grab me by the ankles, holding me under while I try to find my breath like it used to. On June 5, 2016 I was given devastating news. My only child ~ my beloved Chelsi ~ was found the day before on Springer Mountain in Georgia. Four months ago today she chose to leave her body and her physical life, freeing herself of her human suffering. At the foot of the Appalachian Trail, she took her last breath. Until very recently, I had been trying to catch my own breath. I am painfully aware that I have more healing to move through – it’s going to take some time – but I feel I have turned a corner and headed in the direction for what I have been seeking ~ my new normal.

Until this week I have felt Chelsi’s death is the worst thing that could have ever happened. Then it struck me. The truth is, the worst thing that could have ever happened would be that this quirky, cool, brilliant, creative, humorous, empathic, caring, loving, beautiful young woman lived and died for nothing. That would be the worst thing ever. But she didn’t. On the surface it appeared that Chelsi preferred to live in chaos, creating pain and suffering for herself, and that was that. But as I have learned from many people who have shared their story with me since her death, Chelsi gravitated to people during the most troubled time in their lives. Offering encouraging words and visions of hope for them, she helped them see their beauty and acknowledge their greatness. An advocate for those suffering themselves, she helped them see their lives from a higher perspective. Chelsi was walking the talk. She lived the life of a certain kind of Earth Angel. This realization opened something within me. It’s as if I am now seeing everything with a fresh pair of eyes. Before this new awareness I felt as if I was merely existing in the wake of disaster from the loss following my daughter’s suicide. The necessary path of grieving that I have been called to walk is not my own. I walk it with everyone who has or will grieve the loss of a loved one. This is a sacred experience and there is much to be learned so we can heal and grow spiritually.

It is not my intention to use this space to dwell on the past, but to utilize it to share life experiences with heartfelt authenticity as I move through and heal the profound sorrow on a quest to find my new normal. It’s my intention that what is shared here offers hope for those going through any life challenge.

It’s not our job to be strong all the time. I can’t heal when I’m holding my breath. Breath is the salve that will bring about the healing. I once heard Carolyn Myss, Medical Intuitive and Mystic say, “If we were meant to get through the big stuff in our lives by ourselves, wouldn’t we be through them already?” Breathe deeply with me and we will learn and heal and grow together.

With so much love,


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Messages from the Animal Kingdom

Messages from the Animal Kingdom

By Tracy Houchins

Posted on July 23, 2011 by karen

I love summer and there is nowhere I would rather be than here in Maryland during this time of year!  Everything is so green and lush; I feel nourished from head to toe.  This is the time of year when Mother Earth and all her inhabitants are really present and offering generous guidance to anyone who is awake enough to see, hear and feel the messages.

Last week, while out for my morning jog, I came within 15 feet of a deer, a red tail hawk with a snake in it’s mouth flew directly over my head within just a few yards, and then I almost literally stumbled upon a turtle in my path of running.   I’ve learned over the years that when nature presents itself in bold, unusual and/or repetitive ways, there’s a message for me in there.

Last week I had been feeling a little less vibrant than usual. The Animal Kingdom stepped in to assist me.  Deer offered me a little of the same advice I give my clients about taking care of themselves and reminded me that it’s good to be gentle with myself.   Hawk and snake suggested that I rise above the everyday stuff; that healing can occur by creating a small shift in seeing things from a different perspective.  Turtle brought to my attention that we often need to hear what we teach and that’s why we do.

Life it like a big scavenger hunt.  We are continuously seeking the next best steps along our spiritual journey.  If we move forward with eyes wide open, we become aware of the clear guidance through nature and animals messengers. Does a particular animal show up often for you in day to day life or in your dreams?  Are you paying attention?

So taking the direction of my four-legged and winged messengers, I give myself permission to take a gentle break from the busyness of life and treat myself kindly; see my world through the eyes of another, pray to be open to life’s lessons and always remain teachable.

Reference: for Animal Medicine articles

Ted Andrews – Animal Speak


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Just Keep Moving…..

At last May is here!  This is my most favorite month as I am fully awakening from the winter, embracing the warmer temperatures and longer days, and motivating to be more physically active.  After greeting the day, I amp up (this really means that I’m procrastinating a bit) to hit the road for my morning 4-mile wun.  Wunning is a form of walk-running where, when I’ve run out of steam but understand the importance of putting one foot in front of the other in order to make it up the hill and back home, I do this thing that looks like something in between a shuffle and a mime walking in place.  I would probably travel faster if I laid down and rolled home.

Being outside allows my mind to open up in a most expansive way.  Some people do this during a seated meditation.  I find my stillness in motion.  My mind empties and my thoughts become weightless; no beginning and no end.  It’s as if the boundaries of my physical body have dissolved and nothing is between me and All That Is.  I’m a receptacle for Higher Self and Divine guidance.  This morning as I was wunning, I heard “Just keep moving…”.    So I did.  I was pulled back to present awareness by my neighbor who said “Good Morning”.  When I asked how her husband was doing, she told me that he isn’t moving.  I told her about the message I just received and that maybe the message was for him, too.

I ran a bit further and was joyfully surprised when I came upon a group of 7 yellow & black butterflies who flew up and surrounded me and when they did, the fluffies of a dandelion blew up with them.  I was reminded of when I was a little girl that I would blow on them as I made a wish. I had just received a powerful message through the symbolism of the number 7 (on the right path), the butterflies (transformation) and the dandelion (visualize my desires).   Then I heard again “Just keep moving.”  So I did.  As I headed home, I released the heaviness that I was feeling when I first woke up this morning.   Returning to a place of gratitude for the blessings that surround me and are within me.

Today, take action.  It will always get better if we just keep moving.

Create a very excellent day!

oxoxo, Tracy

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Introducing The Reiki Healing Portal!

What if there was a place to go where you could
unload your mental and emotional burdens.
manifest your desires.
offer world healing.

I’m beaming with joy as I share with you that a Reiki Healing Portal page has been added to my Website and Facebook.

As major global events have brought about a world-wide call for assistance in healing, this has been in the planning stages of my mind for a while.  After exercising much patience, the Universe has, at last, brought the best professionals to assist me in bringing it forth.  In addition to this, my blog page is now up and running!

My deepest gratitude and thanks to our professionals….

Amber Scott (True U Voice) for her assistance in getting my social media up to date and creating my business pages, Karen Brand (Wings of The Sun), for her designing the Reiki Healing Portal Welcome Page on Facebook and her expertise in expanding my website to showcase my work in a way that I didn’t realize was possible; and to Emily Pollack for her heart-centered creation and ability to capture the true essence of my intentions in the Reiki Healing Portal.

Abundant Wellness, Joy & Peace,

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My Blog is up!

We’ve got our Blog up and running… and we’re excited!

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