Metta Reiki™

The Pali word, metta, translates to loving-kindness and carries a message of benevolence, goodwill, peace and of course, love. To embody metta is to hold a strong desire for the welfare and happiness of others. Many can do this with ease, but put their own need for the same loving-kindness of themselves aside. Others have grown up in surroundings where loving-kindness was not practiced, and so they have no understanding of the concept at all. Yet others have lost the practice due to the busyness of life or experiences of trauma that have created a bitterness toward themselves or others. Through the practice of Metta Reiki™ we are able to connect with our Soul Self, the Source of Unconditional Love, to reveal and heal the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from living a life of Metta for ourselves and others. In doing this, we are freed from the bondage of our past experiences and able to live a life of abundant joy, peace and balance.

Metta Reiki™ can be experienced at Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio in Reiki sessions or in the classroom.

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