Metta Reiki®;

What is Metta Reiki®?

Metta Reiki Master ClassThe Pali word, metta, translates to loving-kindness and carries a message of benevolence, goodwill, peace and of course, love.   To embody metta is to hold a strong desire for the welfare and happiness of all beings.  Many can do this with ease, but put their own need for the same loving-kindness of themselves aside.  Others have grown up in surroundings where loving-kindness was not practiced, and so they have no understanding of the concept at all.  Some have lost the practice due to the busyness of life or experiences of trauma that have created a bitterness toward themselves or others.  Through the practice of Metta Reiki, we are able to connect with our Soul Self, the Source of Unconditional Love, to reveal and heal the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from living a life of Metta for ourselves and others.  In doing this, we are freed from our past experiences and able to live a life of abundant joy, peace and balance.

Our Metta Reiki® Master Class is our newest offering at Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio.   Metta Reiki® was realized and is taught by Tracy Houchins, Licensed ICRT Reiki Master Teacher.  The energy of Metta Reiki® builds on the energy of Usui Reiki and is an advanced form of Reiki intended to be taught to Reiki Masters for their personal healing and the healing of their clients by accessing all aspects and dimensions so to heal on the deepest level.  Metta Reiki® energetically connects us to the depths of Heaven and the core of the Earth,  and aligns the client so they are in the position to receive the energy in a most direct way.  It works to open the central channel and the energy fields, allowing a deep connection with the emotional aspects of issues through all lifetimes that are ready to be healed.  The class curriculum includes:

  • Knowledge and initiation to the Metta Reiki® energy and symbols
  • Learning how to align and create a solid Heaven and Earth connection
  • Learning how to gently encourage old, deep seated issues to heal at the root source
  • Clearing energy pathways and clear, balance and infuse chakras with lasting healing using Sacred Geometry
  • Reuniting misplaced or fragmented aspects with the core energy of your clients
  • Gigong healing techniques
  • Practitioner coaching techniques
  • Use of singing bowls in sessions (it is not necessary to have a singing bowl to use Metta Reiki®)
  • Practice of the entire system Metta Reiki®  healing
  • Certificate of Completion

At the end of the class, you will have learned and practiced the unique methods of healing used by Tracy Houchins in all her Reiki Sessions.

Metta Reiki® can be experienced at Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio in Reiki sessions and in the classroom. Click here to view the schedule for Metta Reiki™ classes!

NOTE:  Metta Reiki™ has no religious content or connection.

Pali (also Pāḷi) is a Middle Indo-Aryan language that is in the Prakrit language group [citation needed] and was indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. It is a dead language that is widely studied because it is the language of many of the earliest extant Buddhist scriptures as collected in the Pāḷi Canon, or Tipitaka, and it is the liturgical language of Theravada Buddhism.

Metta Reiki® Reveals Itself

Early August of 2013, I was headed out for my morning run.  I remember the day was particularly beautiful and I felt the wonderment of nature that surrounded me on our property while I made my way down our winding driveway to the cul-de-sac of our street.   As I always do when I begin my run, I stopped to greet the day, connecting with Creator and the Universe and Mother Earth, giving thanks for the beauty that surrounds me and resides within me.   I was feeling so grateful for my feet having received Reiki healing miracles years ago that allow me to run with joy and ease and free of pain, regardless of the plates, screws and pins from multiple surgeries.

Running in nature is my preferred way to meditate.  It is during my run that my mind quiets, then gently opens and then expands into what seems like far beyond my physical body, allowing me to connect with the trees, rocks, water, air and animals.  Sometimes while running, I receive clarity and answers to the issues in my life.  Sometimes I receive creative ideas for my business and personal life.

Shortly after I started to run, I began to “see” symbols.  There were three of them.  I was surprised by this and stopped running.  Then I heard the words “Metta Reiki”®.  It was almost in a whisper.  It startled me and I looked around.  No one was there – just me, the surrounding trees and the three symbols that lingered in my mind’s eye.  I was wishing I had something to write on or my phone to record the notes of what I was receiving when I heard, “You already know ALL of this.” It was exciting and at the same time there was a great big question mark.  What is it that I already know?

I needed more information, so I asked, “What is Metta Reiki®?” I waited a few more minutes but nothing came.  So I continued my run as I considered what the words Metta Reiki® and the three symbols might mean.

Later that day in seated Reiki meditation, my guide, Reyanne, came through and offered additional information and I was beginning to understand more of what Metta Reiki was about.   I asked her if Metta Reiki® was for my own personal use or the use with my clients. This is what she said…

Metta Reiki® is an advanced healing system.  You have been healing yourself with the symbols of Metta Reiki® for quite some time.  It’s time to bring it forth to be used with your clients and to develop a curriculum to teach it to other Reiki Masters.”

I saw myself using it with clients and teaching it.  The symbols and the words, “You already know ALL of this.” kept running through my head.  I began drawing the symbols and immediately felt something shift within me.  I asked Reyanne to teach me and help me understand how they are used during Reiki.

One symbol showed me how it would be used to create a heaven and earth connection, keeping clients grounded and embodied while in perfect alignment with Source and ready to receive the energy of Metta Reiki®.  Another symbol showed me that when the energy of Metta Reiki® comes in, it goes deep into all aspects and dimensions of the client and gently nudges issues as a way to encourage healing if the person is ready.   Total and permanent healing can be received in a gentle and benevolent way with the client’s willingness to heal.  The third symbol showed me how the journey of the soul is to heal through compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love.

The next day I returned to my studio to work with my scheduled clients, and began using the symbols and their intentions.  The results have been quite surprising and sometimes profound.  Healing of deep emotional issues from childhood and past lives are being experienced.  Issues of addiction are healing as the client becomes aware of the need for the addiction.  My clients experience a long lasting sense of joy and hope and are finding they are more motivated to do the things they’ve been putting off and connecting with their passions.  Depression has been lifted and connections to their soul’s mission and life purpose have been revealed.  Repetitive behaviors and thought patterns have been healed by identifying energy patterns from childhood, sometimes passed down through the bloodline or brought forth from past lives. Healing of deep seated past life and childhood issues have come forth to receive complete healing and reintegrate fragmented aspects back into the energy of the client.  Overall, clients are experiencing an elevated sense of joyful wholeness and balance, as well as hope for their future while maintaining their groundedness and present time awareness.

-by Tracy M. Houchins, ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
Owner of Sacred Healing Hands Wellness Studio, Marriottsville, MD

Click here to view the schedule for Metta Reiki® classes!


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