Reiki Healing Portal

Reiki Healing PortalWith so much  happening in our world today, it has been my deep desire to offer a place of solace where others can visit to connect with the Truth of their Higher Self.  Through this intention, Emily Pollack was commissioned to create this Reiki Healing Portal as a focal point to meditate and manifest your deepest desires.

I invite you to place your worries, concerns and fears at the center of the violet flame for transformation. By releasing these heavy thoughts and denser energies, we open up to the clear guidance and understanding for the next best steps along our spiritual journey. Envision your deepest desires, whether for Personal Healing, Mother Earth Healing or anything else.  I hope you’ll visit often and meditate on this beautiful creation by Emily Pollack for the Greatest Good of All There IS!  If you knew what your Soul had to say, what would it be?…

Wishing You Abundant Blessings along The Path of Most Light,

Our Reiki Healing Portal Facebook Page was designed with the intention to offer a place for anyone to come and leave their requests for healing. Let us assist you through the power of Divine Love, Light and Community.

Read more about the intentions with which Emily created this mandala…

“After meditation I was inspired to draw a seven petal lotus to represent each major chakra. I had a vision to create something that ties all humanity together and shows the holographic nature of our existence.

  • I used images from the Hubble telescope for the background and the outer sections of the petals.
  • Using the Phi ration, I did a dark echo of the lotus as corners reflecting back the violet light.
  • For the middle section of petals (clockwise): the top two are microscopic images of human chromosomes, one image from an electron microscope of a neuron, the bottom two are images of DNA structure, and the last two are an image of synapse.
  • The smallest section of the petals are representative of our chakras.
  • The image of hands holding the earth is indicative of our power to shift events and encourage healing through nurturing.
  • The violet flame is incorporating your wonderful suggestion. The violet flame meditation has such great healing properties.”

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