Taking your Reiki class was an extraordinary adventure for me.   Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance throughout the two day Reiki I and II training process; I definitely received more than I bargained for.  You are such a gem, and I feel so lucky to have run into you.  I have always felt connected to the universe in a subconscious level, and your insight and observations were very helpful for me to stay on track and put myself in the present every day.  ~ Sarah G

“Tracy is an extremely talented Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. She is very intuitive and knowledgeable in energy healing. She also has a warm, genuine personality that made me feel comfortable right away. I can highly recommend her, as both a healer and a teacher!”  ~ TAB, Columbia, MD

Tracy is an extraordinarily gifted practitioner—blessed with both a truly empathetic nature and a strong sense of dedication and commitment to her work. An attentive and respectful listener, she has an uncanny ability to focus upon the root cause of one’s stress or malaise and to enable one’s best healing to occur. She is intuitive, joyful, and wonderfully skilled—an absolute gem of a person who is a credit to her profession.  ~ Suzanne B.

“Before taking Tracy’s Reiki 1 & 2, I was stuck, depressed, noncreative, beating myself up daily.  I took her class over a weekend with not much optimism but ever so slightly hopeful that something might shift. The class was great, Tracy’s energy can make anyone feel worthy.  My challenge was if I could make myself feel worthy.  After one week of running the Reiki twice a day, I can actually say that the depression is lifting, I am feeling almost optimistic, and my internal thoughts are not self-destructive.  And that is just after one week.  Looking forward to what the future holds!  Thank you Tracy for your heart and soul that you generously give to each person that walks through your door.  I can actually see my true self surfacing once again.” ~ Kate P

“Although I knew that any class with Tracy would be a catalyst for some personal transformation, her gentle encouragement and guidance made the 28 day Soul Coaching an unbelievable experience for me.  The level of bonding, willingness and honest humor that developed among us all is truly testimony to a teacher who serves her students with an open heart and an invitation to grow…. from gently to outrageously…whatever their process.”  ~ Marijane T.

“I was so fortunate to be introduced to Tracy through my chiropractor in 2006. I had significant lower back pain which the chiropractor wasn’t able to completely relieve. However, after working with Tracy for several months, I experienced noticeable relief.

But through Tracy, I experienced far more than just positive physical changes. Tracy welcomed me into with her arms and heart. She provided me with a peaceful, loving and safe space that greatly facilitated my search for grounding and spiritual guidance.

The Reiki treatments that I received from her provided an incredible connection to the universal energy available to us all. Her power, strength, compassion, and empathy made me realize what was available to me and inspired me to seek instruction in Reiki from her. I participated in Reiki Level I & II workshops from Tracy along with several other extraordinary women. The experience was phenomenal and I learned so much, including Reiki symbols and prayers for strength and guidance that I now do every day for my loved ones and myself. Learning Reiki through her has given me inner strength and changed my life.

Tracy is an amazing teacher, master, healer, friend and sister. She is dear to my heart and I admire her greatly. REIKI ROCKS!”  ~ Maureen Doyle Rodgers

“Before I began my Reiki treatments I had a hard time feeling totally relaxed and listening to my soul’s direction. Through Reiki I am able to feel totally relaxed and allow my thoughts to come guide me through some very difficult times and promote my mental healing. Reiki assists me into the deep meditative state where my mind becomes clearer and I am able to gain insight into my emotions and work through my feelings. During my treatments it feels as if the sun is shining from inside of me with such brightness and warmth. Reiki has made a tremendous difference in my life. I am more relaxed, open to my feelings and other people, and have experienced a positive shift in my attitude towards life. Everyone I talk to wants to know what I am doing differently… I tell them they should try Reiki. It has changed my life and it will change yours.”  ~ Barb

“Tracy has been a wonderful teacher and healer for me over the years. She is already trained in multiple modalities and is always expanding her knowledge. Since she is trained in many complimentary techniques, she is able to integrate them seamlessly and when needed. Tracy has been invaluable in assisting me on my journey and with healing.”  ~ Kristen

I have known Tracy for many years and was excited to experience my first Reiki session with her. Tracy has an amazing healing presence and I felt completely held as I shared what was taking place in my life and in my body. What I experienced over the next hour is difficult to articulate. I moved from a release of tears and laughter to a sense of inner peace and calm. Tracy has the hands of an angel and has helped move “stuff” that has been stuck within me for years. After our sessions, I am completely at peace. I feel blessed to have Tracy as my practitioner and am grateful to her for helping me become more balanced and centered. Tracy’s healing ability is a beautiful gift!  ~M.P.

“Reiki with Tracy Houchins feels to me a bit like magic. I tell her a bit about what has been going on in my life, then we go to her treatment room, and within minutes I am in a state of deep relaxation. I don’t know what Tracy does, but when I awaken (though I don’t think I was really asleep), I feel like something deep and profound has taken place. The best way to describe it is that I feel like I have been healed on a very deep level. I feel calm, rejuvenated, and light. I feel that I have been supported in a way that defies language. It seems as though I have asked for support in an area of my life, and magically it has been given to me through Tracy’s work and presence.”
~ Jillian

“The soul coaching class has been a catalyst for me to make some major changes in my life.  It has really helped me to focus on what matters most and what to let go of for my own personal best.  Tracy is an excellent guide for this journey of transformation.  I am forever grateful to her and the group for the impact they have had on my life.”
~ Christy R.


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